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Help for former felons to vote

via WGCU
Talia Blake
via WGCU

In 2018, Florida passed an amendment that restores the right to vote for many people with prior felony convictions. Now that that law—Amendment 4—has been on the books for several years, there are still people eligible to regain full voting rights who have not taken that step.

It could be that they don’t know they are eligible, or that the documentation is confusing, or that they owe some fines or fees that they are unable to pay.

But help is available.

“We’ve found that many returning citizens still are not aware that they have had their voting rights restored, or that they may be able to have them restored,” said Ellis Joens of theLeague of Women Voters of Florida, a nonpartisan group.

The League sponsors a phone and email line where people who have questions about their voting status, or who may owe fines and fees, can connect with lawyers working for no charge who may be able to help.

Former felons may even be able to have their sentences modified.

Ellis Joens again:

“You can also petition for a modification of the sentence to remove things like those fines and fees, which is a very new process. And even some lawyers don’t realize that that’s an option out there,” she said.

Anyone with questions about their voting status can call 407-710-5496 or email canivote@lwvfl.org.