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Democrats Are Banking On Latino Vote

Democratic leaders in Haines City lead community panel for Andrew Gilum: Photo by Emily Lang

Florida candidates across the board are focusing on the state’s Latino voting bloc.

While President Trump has endorsed Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, who is running for Senate, the Democratic National Committee is placing election power in President Trump's policy impact Latinos.

At an event supporting gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in Haines City, DNC Chair Tom Perez said Latinos voters won’t support candidates associated with the Trump administration.“I’m quite confident that Latino voters are going to see that Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson are the people that are fighting for their issues.”

A recent poll from Florida Latino Voters showed Democratic Senator Bill Nelson with only a three point slight lead over Republican senate candidate Rick Scott.

The DNC has spent $100,000 to mobilize Puerto Ricans voters in Florida and an additional $100,000 in Pennsylvania.