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Intersection: Hurricane Hunting, Jobs For Graduates, Fringe Festival

As a hurricane approaches, most people are putting up storm shutters and making plans to get out of the way. But there are some who head straight into the storm. Today on Intersection, we’ll check out one of the Air Force’s hurricane hunter planes.

Hurricane season is just a few weeks away and Rick Knabb has some advice on how to prepare. Knabb spent 5 years at the head of the national hurricane center in Miami, and he says people need to be more scared of water hazards after a hurricane.

From chasing hurricanes to hunting jobs. Intersection’s Talia Blake chats with some new graduates who are starting their job search. And economist Hank Fishkind talks to 90.7's Brendan Byrne about what the job market looks like for those new graduates.

And Orlando’s Fringe festival turns 26. Producer Mike Marinaccio and performer Peter Michael Marino reflects on how Fringe has become part of the cultural landscape, and how the festival keeps its edge.