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Fishkind Conversations: Florida's Rapid Growth Underscores Importance Of Water Legislation

90.7's economic analyst Dr. Hank Fishkind, President of Fishkind and Associates
90.7's economic analyst Dr. Hank Fishkind, President of Fishkind and Associates

New data from the US Census Bureau shows Florida’s 2015 population growth accelerating past the 20 million mark. That means Florida was second only to Texas in the number of new state residents.

90.7’s economic analyst Hank Fishkind says while Florida saw an increase in international and overseas migration, the majority of the influx was from other US states. And he says while Florida benefits economically from population growth, there’s a balance to strike between making room for new residents and preserving natural resources…like drinking water.

Hank's Highlights:

  • The Census Bureau released 2015 data for state population growth, showing Florida’s population accelerating above the 20-million mark, leaving Florida second only to Texas in terms of growth
  • Florida is grappling with ways to accommodate growth without completely compromising the environment and natural resources that are part of Florida’s identity
  • One of the most overlooked consequences of rapid population growth in Florida is the state’s drinking water supply – the Florida Legislature is expected to take up the issue later this month

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