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New Florida laws on July 1; extreme heat and mosquito-borne illnesses 

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Immigration reform, permitless carry, parental rights, affordable housing and voting. These are just some of the areas facing major changes as new laws signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis take effect July 1.

Already there are questions about the effect of these laws and how they’ll be enforced. In the case of immigration laws, it remains to be seen how the new rules around E-verify will affect businesses that rely heavily on undocumented labor like agriculture and construction.

We’ll hear from a panel of journalists who’ve been covering these issues to discuss what the new laws mean for you. But first, we speak with an attorney who specializes in Florida’s firearm laws.


  • Mary Ellen Klas, Capitol bureau chief for the Miami Herald. 
  • Valerie Crowder, reporter for WFSU News. 
  • Tim Gibbons, editor in chief of the Jacksonville Business Journal. 
  • Eric Friday, lead counsel for Florida Carry Inc. 

Extreme heat and mosquito-borne illness 

We’re less than a month into summer, but the temperatures are already soaring.

Across the state, high temperatures are reaching the 90s this week. And it feels even warmer, with the heat index breaking triple digits.

While the extreme heat poses a threat to humans, it also contributes to another threat: the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses. For the first time in decades, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of several locally acquired cases of malaria in the United States, including Florida.

So, how vulnerable are we to future outbreaks? And what are local officials doing to help mitigate the risks of rising temperatures?

For a better understanding, we turn to an epidemiologist and health reporter.


  • Chad Nielsen, director of accreditation and infection prevention, UF Health Jacksonville. 
  • Joe Mario Pedersen, health reporter for WMFE News. 
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