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Intersection: The Connection Between Domestic Violence & Animal Cruelty; Curbing Invasive Cane Toads; The Origins Of Game Of Thrones

Victims of domestic violence can sometimes face an additional challenge: how to keep pets safe. Harbor House of Central Florida has a kennel for pets- which can help remove one of the barriers that stands in the way of someone trying to leave an abusive relationship.

On this episode of Intersection, Harbor House CEO Michelle Sperzel explains the link between domestic violence and cruelty to animals, and the growing trend for pet friendly domestic violence shelters.

An invasive cane toad that first appeared in South Florida is hopping North. The Bufo toad, which secretes a substance that’s toxic to dogs and cats, has been spotted in Central Florida too, and that has pet owners worried. We talk to Jeannine Tilford, a high school science teacher who started her toad removal company Toad Busters after she realized there was nothing being done to curb the toxic toads. Tilford says her business is growing as the toad population booms.

And the final season of Game of Thrones has millions of people glued to their screens. The fantasy series has developed a passionate following and worked its way into pop culture and politics in a way that few TV shows have. Rollins College professor Jana Mathews explains how Game of Thrones borrows from actual historical events.