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Intersection: World AIDs Day, Sports Betting In Florida & Songwriter And Entertainment Lawyer Kris Nichols

Saturday is world AIDS day. The annual public health campaign began in 1988 as a way to draw attention to AIDS.

In the last three decades, treatments for HIV infection have improved. What was almost always a fatal disease is now, with proper care, a manageable condition. But millions of people worldwide still live with HIV and last year one point eight million were newly infected.

The latest in the battle against HIV - AIDs and the task still ahead for advocates and health workers and here in the sunshine state, what efforts are being taken to expand needle exchange programs to cut down the infection rate.

Then, a U.S. Supreme Court decision over the summer opened the door to legalized sports betting.

Some states have introduced legislation to allow sports betting but Florida isn’t one of them. An update on the state of gaming in Florida and what amendment 3 means for gaming in the Sunshine State.

And local musician and entertainment lawyer Kris Nichols talks about how he writes songs and how catchy riffs can sometimes catch out the songwriter and lead to lawsuits.