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Intersection: Mid Term Election Recap; 100 Things To Do In Orlando; Fiddle Jam

The dust has settled after a gruelling mid term election and litigious recount. So what does the prospect of two Republican Senators from Florida mean for the sunshine state? How will Ron De Santis govern Florida? And what does the political landscape look like for Florida Democrats?

On this episode of Intersection, we take stock of the mid-term elections.

Democratic political analyst Dick Batchelor says it all comes down to turn out for the Democrats as they look towards 2020. And Republican political analyst Frank Torres says the transition team that governor elect Ron DeSantis is assembling gives the first real glimpse of how he’ll govern the sunshine state.

Theme parks draw tourists to Orlando, but they aren’t the only attractions in the city beautiful. You can step off the beaten path and visit a jam factory, feed alligators, or even try skiing indoors. We chat to Jon Busdeker, co-author of the new edition of 100 things to do in Orlando before you die.

And, grab a pint and rosin up your bow. A trip to the Harp & Celt Pub for a traditional Irish fiddle jam. 90.7's Brendan Byrne discovers how one couple has kept the spirit of Irish folk music alive here in central Florida for nearly two decades.