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Intersection: Climate Change & Hurricanes; Pluto & Planethood; Jordan Foley

With Hurricane Florence making landfall in the Carolinas, and a handful of other storms roiling the Atlantic, Hurricane season is at its peak.

Some coastal communities in Florida are still rebuilding, a year after Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida, and Puerto Rico continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Are these powerful storms, like Irma, Maria and Florence, a sign of things to come as the oceans warm? What does it mean for Florida and other coastal states? South Miami Mayor and FIU professor of biological sciences Philip Stoddard, UCF Professor of Environmental Science and Public Administration Chris Emrich and Journalist Cynthia Barnett, who’s currently Environmental Fellow at UF’s Bob Graham Center for Public Service, join the conversation. 

Then- Pluto’s identity crisis continues. The debate over whether Pluto is a planet reignites with a new research paper. 90.7’s Brendan Byrne talks with the study’s co-author Phil Metzger for more.

And singer songwriter Jordan Foley finds inspiration for his country infused Americana ballads in some unexpected places- like a movie spoiler. Foley joins us for a performance and conversation ahead on Intersection. First the news.