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Intersection: Superswitch; Adult Literacy League; Hurricane Andrew

We take the convenience of smartphones for granted: the ability to call, text, send a tweet or get on facebook whenever, and pretty much wherever we want, and during a hurricane, communication is vital.  As residents of the Carolinas prepare for Hurricane Florence  later this week, Intersection takes a closer look at what it takes to keep our communications networks running, especially when disaster strikes.

We visit the Verizon superswitch- a building where millions of calls and data sessions are processed every day.

Making a home in a new place sometimes means learning a new language. Gina Berko Solomon and Claudia Cardozo from the Adult Literacy League join us for a conversation about challenge of learning English and the league's need for more tutors. 

And  if you lived through Hurricane Andrew in 1992,  you may remember meteorologist Bryan Norcross, who kept Floridians informed on their radios and portable TVs for nearly 24 hours as the storm devastated South Florida. 90.7’s Brendan Byrne talks to Norcross about Hurricane Andrew- and storm preparation in Florida.