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Intersection: Disney Wage Raise; K D Lang; Big Cats

Disney employees voted to ratify a new contract this week- with a deal to boost minimum pay to $15 an hour by 2021.

Union leaders say it’s an historic agreement- Disney says it will boost the local economy.

When Disney raises its pay, will other companies follow? Is $15 an hour enough to live on? 

Orlando Sentinel reporter Gabrielle Russon, Unite Here! local 362 president Eric Clinton, and assistant professor of economics Hector Sandoval with the University of Florida’s  bureau of economic and business research join Intersection to discuss.

Then- a trip to a big cat sanctuary. We revisit a conversation with Simba Wiltz about the big cats on his Central Florida reserve.

And - 25 years ago, K.D. Lang released Ingenue.

The Canadian singer-songwriter talks to Intersection about performing the album in its entirety.