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Intersection: Write-In Loophole; MacArthur Fellow; Creative City


Florida has closed primary system. That means voters can only cast a ballot in the primary election for their own party's candidate. But when the winner of that primary does not face an opponent in the general election, it opens up the primary to all voters regardless of party affiliation. There's a way to close up that open primary though, when a write-in candidate runs.

Seminole County supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel says the so-called 'write-in loophole' isn't fair to voters. On this episode of Intersection Ertel joins us to explain what's wrong with the write-in loophole and how to fix it.  

MacArthur fellow Greg Asbed is the only Floridian on the list this year. Asbed shares the story of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, more than two decades working to improve the lives of farm workers in Florida. 

And we hear from Cole Nesmith, the founder of the Creative City Project. Nesmith wants his arts showcase- Immerse- to put Orlando on the cultural map like South By Southwest did for Austin.