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Intersection: Charter School Fight, Satellite Factory In Brevard & Florida Surf Film Festival

Florida’s education bill, which steered more money towards charter schools, was controversial with public school advocates, teachers and superintendents. Now school districts are taking legal action to try and get the law turned around. Why are school districts lining up against this education law, and what does the lawsuit mean for public school students and teachers in your district?

Then, heavy hitters in the private space industry like Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin are making big investments on the space coast. And it’s not the only company setting up shop in Florida. We’ll hear from satellite manufacturer One Web about why the space coast is the place to be for commercial space exploration companies.

And, sun, surf and snow? We hit the beach with the fifth Florida Surf Film Festival and talk to film-maker Ben Weiland about his movie 'Under an Arctic Sky,' chasing waves in some of the coldest waters on the planet.