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Intersection: Pastor Joel Hunter, The Latino Vote, And Musician Cat Ridgeway

The Pulse nightclub shooting forced Pastor Joel Hunter to examine his own heart and do some soul searching about LGBT discrimination. Hunter leads Northland, a non denominational church in Longwood, and he says evangelical church leaders need to do more to make sure no one is threatened or marginalized.

The Latino vote is more and more important in Florida. Magda Ivette Torres, who hosts a Spanish language talk radio show tells us what she’s hearing from her listeners in this highly charged election season. From Latinos who support Donald Trump to voters who believe Hillary Clinton will put their issues front and center and listeners who are turned off by both main parties and could sit the election out.

And, we’ll hear from young singer songwriter Cat Ridgeway. She can play seven instruments and still wants to learn more. She’ll perform some songs, and talk about how finding inspiration for her writing sometimes comes from unlikely places.