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Growing Bolder: Bryan Welch; Roger McGuinn; Susan Mitchell; Wendy Boglioli; Betty Lopez; Merl Regale


How often do you meet a highly educated writer who’s a goat farmer and a media executive? Bryan Welch is that guy. He explains why he’s optimistic that we humans can figure out ways to improve sustainability — without all the doom and gloom.

Legendary rocker Roger McGuinn reflects on his history in music, his strong relationship with his wife and how different 70 feels than he ever imagined. Plus, he shares exclusive details about his exciting new project involving his famous friends.

Are you drinking an extra meal every day? Registered dietician Dr. Susan Mitchell explains how the drinks you’re consuming may be sabotaging your diet.

She was a part of one of the greatest races in international swimming history and now Olympic gold medalist Wendy Boglioli is helping people, particularly women, find the champion within. Find out her tips for planning for your financial security.

“I want to keep going until I can’t go anymore,” says Betty Lopez, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. Find out why she went back to her colleges in her 80s and graduated — with honors — with a bachelor’s in paralegal studies! The 87-year-old shares her plans for what’s next.

He’s been deemed the greatest Sunday crossword puzzle creator in the world and has even appeared on an episode of “The Simpsons.” But Merl Reagle says his games aren’t just fun — they’re also good for your brain.

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