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Growing Bolder: Marilu Henner; Oscar Robertson; Rowdy Gaines; Jeremy Bloom; Cheryl Strayed; Mark Hyman

She's an actress who, these days, is as famous for her incredible memory as her impressive body of work. Did you know Marilu Henner is also a passionate advocate for living and eating well? Find out what she's learned about recovering memories and boosting your brainpower.

Confused about recent reports on prostate cancer testing? NBA legend Oscar Roberston says our greatest weapon against cancer is knowledge. He shares what he's learned during his own experiences with the disease.

Have you pictured what winning looks like to you? Olympian Rowdy Gaines says he has his mind to thank as much as his body for all his swimming success, and he shares his tips for picturing the future and making it come true.

Jeremy Bloom made his sports dreams come true — he’s a three-time World Champion skiier, two-time Olympian, college football All-American and retired NFL player. And now, he’s making lifelong wishes come true for those 80 and older. Find out why.

One woman made the journey through despair and transformed into someone fully alive. Cheryl Strayed writes about those experiences in her book, “Wild,” which then went on to become a beloved film starring Reese Witherspoon. Find out how Cheryl found herself again by getting lost in the wilderness.

What's the No. 1 chronic condition in this country? Dr. Mark Hyman is one of the world's most recognized and respected doctors, and he explains why so many patients are undiagnosed. Find out how obesity is crippling our nation and learn how to follow a do-it-yourself health plan.

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