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How to fix burnout before it burns you: this therapist says it starts with self-reflection

Photo: Cherlette McCullough
Photo: Cherlette McCullough

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 3 percent of Florida workers quit their jobs every month. This Great Resignation is partially fueled by worker burnout. 

For Mental Health Awareness Month, WMFE’s Danielle Prieur spoke with therapist Cherlette McCullough about how to identify burnout, and how to fix it.

Interview highlights

On how to tell if you're burnt out

"I want you to really take ownership for where you are, and your behaviors. Take a two-minute break. And just think about how have you been communicating with the people that you work with, with the people that you love? Or the people that you are connected to? How are you really handling conflict?"

On finding a coping mechanism that works for you

"So that may mean one that we always say: disconnecting from the electronics, you know, if you're gonna read something, reading something that feels good, staying away from the news, possibly, you know, and bad news, things like going out in nature, hiking, exercising, walking around your neighborhood, connecting with your neighbors doing something that's totally different."

On the consequences of not seeking help

"Not dealing with it or not getting some help, can really cause issues with concentration. It can cause some issues with your ability to have positive connections. It can definitely cause you to lose a lot of things, friendships, jobs, contracts."

Danielle Prieur is a general assignment reporter and fill-in host at WMFE.
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