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Nora McInerny: How Can We Face Life's Rough Edges?

Callie Giovanna, TED

About The Episode

When experiencing grief or hardship, how can we move forward? This hour, writer Nora McInerny shares ideas on navigating the most difficult parts of life... and living life fully in the face of loss.

About Nora McInerny

Nora McInerny is a writer and the host of award-winning podcast "Terrible, Thanks For Asking."

She is the authorof It's Okay To Laugh, Crying Is Cool Too; No Happy Endings; and The Hot Young Widows Club. She is also the co-founder of the grief support group "Hot Young Widows Club" and the nonprofit Still Kickin. She has contributed to Elle, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Time, Slate and Vox, where she writes about topics dealing with grief and loss.

Her writing career began in 2014, when the obituaryshe wrote for her husband Aaron went viral.

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