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Gas Prices Are Rising in Florida As People Return to Work, School

Photo: Rock Staar
Photo: Rock Staar

Gas prices are rising again in Florida as more people return to "normal life" amid dropping coronavirus cases in the state.

Prices at the pump in February in Florida were the highest they had been since July 2019, that’s nearly a 19-month high. 

It cost most people an average of $2.52 a gallon to fill up last month, about twenty cents more than in January. 

Florida drivers are now paying an average of $2.61 a gallon to fill their tank.

AAA’s Mark Jenkins says prices are inching lower right now, but drivers can expect more volatility at the pump.

“There’s this switch that’s occurring every year around this time from winter gasoline to summer gasoline and a lot of the times the winter gasoline needs to be sold as they want to get as much of it out as they can. And so oftentimes the distributors will cut the price of winter gasoline just to move it.”

Jenkins says news of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could drive prices back up again.

Currently, Orlando, Jacksonville and Punta Gorda have some of the lowest gas prices of all the metropolitan markets in Florida. 

Danielle Prieur is WMFE's education reporter.