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Data Show Fewer Florida Panthers Killed In 2020 Compared To Previous Years

Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

More than 20 Panthers have been killed this year, according to data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It's a lower toll than previous years.

The 22nd panther to be killed this year was discovered on December 28th in Collier County. Like most of the others killed in 2020, the 3-year-old male was hit by a car. 

Of the panthers that weren’t killed on the roads, one was hit by a train in Polk County, one was killed by another panther, and a third panther’s death is listed as ‘under investigation’. 

The death toll is lower: 27 panther deaths were recorded last year, while 30 panthers were killed in 2018. 

More panthers were born this year: 11 kittens compared to nine panther kittens in 2019. 

The FWC is also monitoring a disorder first documented in 2018 called Feline Leukomyelopathy, or FLM. The disorder affects panthers and bobcats and causes rear-leg weakness.  Animals with the condition have difficulty walking. 

The FWC estimates Florida’s adult panther population at around 120 to 130 animals.