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The Last Straw for Single Use Plastics in Orlando City Property

I have not taken the perhaps cliched plastic straw shot until now. I wanted to make my interpretation just a little bit different. Given existing or pending bans on plastic straws in some jurisdictions, this may be my first - and last - shot of a plastic straw. This image was captured for the Macro Mondays theme:

It could be the beginning of the end for single use plastics in the city of Orlando.

The Orlando City Council approved the ban of bags, straws, and styrofoam food containers on city property. 

This means that later this year, people attending or planning events held at city-owned venues like the Amway Center or Lake Eola will have their food and drinks served with more eco-friendly materials .

Plastic straws will still be available upon request to those with disabilities.

 Orlando says it is the first city in the state to ban all three materials on its properties.

Approximately 500 million straws are used in the U.S. each day, according to Eco-cycle, a non-profit recycling company.

Orlando is joining major metro areas, including Boston, Chicago, and Seattle, in taking steps to ban non-reusable plastics.

At the city council meeting Monday, City Commissioner Patty Sheehan was pleased with the move.

"I'm delighted to see that we are imposing this [policy] on city owned facilities, venues, parks and events. I was embarrassed a few years ago to see we covered Lake Eola Park on Earth Day in garbage, so I'm glad to see we're doing something about this, in making sure that we are implementing responsible policies to benefit our environment."

This plan will take effect on October 1st of this year.