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Intersection: First Responders & The Rescue Task Force

Orange County Swift Assisted Victim Extraction (S.A.V.E) Team performs an extraction on a dummy at Fire Station 67 on September 12, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. (Cassi Alexandra for ProPublica)

First responders in more and more cities across the US are being forced to confront the question of just how prepared they are for a mass shooting.

This week 90.7’s Abe Aboraya and ProPublica brought you an in-depth look at how firefighters and EMTS are training to get to victims of violence and start medical treatment sooner.

Today on Intersection -  how Pulse changed the conversation about responding to mass shootings, how the ‘rescue task force’ model could help save more lives in these tragedies,  and what still needs to change.

Joining Intersection are 90.7's Abe Aboraya, Captain Scott Quirarte of the Ventura County Fire Department, and Edward Reed Smith, medical director of the Arlington County Fire Department.