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Intersection: The Sunshine Summit


The Sunshine Summit, a two-day event in Orlando for the Florida Republican Party, comes as immigration is dominating the national conversation. Blaise Ingoglia, the chairman of the Florida Republican party, says "the question of immigration will be had and answered."

"The second part of the Sunshine Summit is a list of a full day of speakers. Our speakers can talk about anything they want from immigration to the economy to life issues," Ingoglia says. "What they talk about isn't necessarily vetted by the party so immigration may come up because it's a forefront of a lot of the news cycle right now."

"I think that immigration will take place in a lot of these conversations especially for these congressional districts because a lot of it is a federal issue," Ingoglia says.

Ingoglia says the effects of the economy will be a focus at the summit and in regards to tariffs he thinks "a lot of this is a lot of negotiating."

"A lot of people are discounting the effects of this economy and how great the economy is going to lower unemployment rates. We're pretty much at full employment right now. Wages are rising. Home values are rising," Ingoglia says.

"At the end of the day, we're supposed to be looking out for Americans and American companies so while that tariff conversation is going to continue to happen, at the end of the day we're all looking for America to be in a better place," Ingoglia says.

Ingoglia says the economy will play an important role in voting, but other issues do play a factor.

"What we are banking on is that yes, you may not agree with everything that some Republican-elected officials stand for, but what almost everybody will stand for and agree with Republican-elected officials is that a booming economy and fair trade will equal prosperity for them."