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Intersection: WMFE's Hold On To Summer Playlist

Dan Harshbarger (left) and Tony Mickle (right). Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE.
Dan Harshbarger (left) and Tony Mickle (right). Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE.

Dan Harshbarger and Tony Mickle from the Orlando band Beemo joined Intersection to talk about Young Friends of 90.7 WMFE’s Hold on to Summer Playlist, and share some words of wisdom for young musicians.

Mickle helped Young Friends create a Spotify playlist of Central Florida musicians, including The 502s, Crenshaw, The Sh-booms, Reverist, Billy Wright, and many more. To listen and add to the Hold on to Summer Playlist, visit

Mickle said his advice for young musicians is to reach out to others in the community.

"Make friends,” said Mickle.

“That's the first thing, this is a tight knit community and people want to see you be successful," he said.

Harshbarger said most people in the Orlando music scene are open to helping each other.

"When they help you you're really helping a scene and things grow that way," Harshbarger said.

Check out bonus haikus about the bands below!

Haikus by Beemo bandmate Matt Juliano:

The 502s - Olivia
Upbeat toe tapping
New album in mix down now
Valar Morghulis

Crenshaw - A Hundred Reasons
They are some good folk
In both senses of the word
Love the harmonies

Caitlin Rushing - Hold On You
Singer Songwriter
This song echoed in my head
After one listen

Destima - Fall
Vocals and guitar
Electronic. Seductive.
More singles coming

Evelyn Music - Is That Enough?
Intersection star
Come back to Orlando, please
Oh is that enough?

The Getbye - Medicine Man
How to describe them?
Gypsy / funk / rock I would say.
You should see them live

Nicholas Roberts - The Rest of Our Lives
Surprisingly tall
With a gift for melody
Glad he’s back in town

Reverist- They Are Weak But We Are Strong
Piano based pop
Omar and Steve crush it live
Album soon I think

Carly Jo Jackson - Trouble
She has the talent,
And, though charmingly clumsy,
Carly *owns* the stage

Evan Taylor Jones - Over Your Shoulder
Old soul with big voice
On the road at the moment
For Denim Heart tour

Cat Ridgeway- Aspen
This EP is great
Aspen tourist board take note:
License this song, please.

John David Williams Music- Wasted Words
Haven’t met him yet
Great tunes and no wasted words
Look forward to more

Billy Wright - Hope
He really likes puns
And he's a boss songwriter.
"Ba da bop bop bop!"

Beemo - The Long Sleep
Next time you see them,
That dope with the mandolin
Deserves to be smacked