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Seminole County Tax Collector Issues Trespass Notice To Commissioner

Image: Seminole County.
County commissioners will meet with tourism officials to discuss alternatives slogans for a campaign to attract more tourists to the area. Photo: Seminole County.

The Seminole County tax collector has barred a Seminole County commissioner from his office. Joel Greenberg handed a trespass notice to commissioner Brenda Carey at a commission meeting Tuesday.

Greenberg said Carey made disparaging comments about the way the office was run and about him, and used profanity while talking with a clerk at the office.

He wants an apology.

“I’m hopeful that there can be a meeting of the minds where Commissioner Carey can apologize and admit she was wrong, and we can move forward,” said Greenberg.

“She’s not allowed in any of our branch offices until further notice," he said.

Carey emailed the following statement to WMFE:
My husband and I were in a public building doing personal business as private citizens. Mr. Greenberg’s behavior does not warrant a response.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, Carey said she did not use profanity and that the issue was “all political”.

But Greenberg said the trespass notice has nothing to do with politics.

Greenberg and the Seminole County commission have been at odds over the amount of excess fees sent back to the county.

Greenberg has also instituted a policy of allowing some of his staff to openly carry firearms.