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Spotlight: Brooklyn Coffee


For a place called Brooklyn Coffee Shop, there is quite an extensive food menu at this new Mills 50 spot.

Also, for a place named after a New York borough, there's a lot of South American influences. Seattle, too. Also Miami.

It takes the space most recently occupied by Restaurant Ash, which was also the original Funky Monkey Wine Co. So there's a kitchen to be put to use.

It's clear that empanadas are a specialty, so I had the Pastel de Carne when I stopped in for a late lunch. It was filled with lots of shredded brisket, seasoned with garlic, onions and chili spicing. The turnover-like device had a wonderfully flaky crust, at least on the top. When I picked it up I found the bottom part quite moist. This apparently was from the fatty brisket, so it just added flavor. Lots and lots of flavor. It was even better when dipped in the mildly spicy chimichurri.

I also had the Bauru sandwich. Bauru is a traditional Brazilian sandwich that is usually made with roast beef and melted cheese, typically mozzarella. For some reason -- perhaps in an attempt to Brooklynize it maybe? -- here it is made with Canadian bacon and swiss cheese, unmelted, along with tomato and sliced pickles. What makes this odder is that the restaurant's website says this sandwich is made with brisket. And since we know that brisket is available for the making of empanadas, why Canadian bacon?

Whatever. It was a very good sandwich, with plenty of meat, and a buttery taste in the toasted bread. I don't think it quite warranted the $8 fee, especially served solo.

And then there's the coffee. It's a bit strange that a place named Brooklyn would specify Americano as a choice. I'd think that would be the default. The beans are from Panther Coffee in Miami. This would have been a great chance to bring in the Seattle connection, or even the South American angle.

My $2.50 cup of Americano, served in a Christmas themed mug, was only so-so.

Little seems to have been done with the interior other than moving some furniture around. Screws and hangers where photos and other accouterments of the previous occupant used to be are still in the walls. Some sprucing up may be in order.