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Orange County Gets Grant For Pulse Response

Pulse nightclub/Photo: Catherine Welch
Pulse nightclub/Photo: Catherine Welch

Orange County approved Tuesday a more than one million dollar federal grant to offset some costs from the Pulse tragedy. This is part of a larger eight million dollar Anti-terrorism and Emergency Assistance grant. Some of the money reimburses the county for setting up the Orlando United Assistance Center after last year’s shooting.

UCF’s also getting reimbursed for therapy sessions provided to victims, families and first responders. County Director of Health and Public Safety George Ralls said about $250,000 will help train law enforcement to respond to major events.

“The intent there is to provide more resiliency within the ranks of law enforcement to help their peers and also help the community members that would be affected by something,” said Ralls.

This critical incident training is already underway. Ralls said these funds will help get more public safety personnel into the classes.

The City of Orlando is slated to get $1.6 million from this federal grant. This will reimburse the city for operating the United Assistance Center over the past year. Also for the family assistance center that was set up at the Citrus Bowl in the immediate aftermath of Pulse.

Other grant recipients are Osceola County, Two Spirit Health Services and United Way.