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Dozens of Gun Bills Could End Up Going Nowhere In Florida Statehouse

Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Dozens of gun measures are likely dead this year in the legislature. That’s because a key Republican senator said she won’t support measures like campus carry or guns in school zones.

Miami Republican Sen. Anitere Flores said she won’t support the majority of gun-expansion bills before the legislature. “I do not support having guns on campus. I do not support having guns in airports. I do not support having guns in school zones. I do not support those things,” said Flores.

Flores is second in command of the Senate, and a key member of the chamber’s judiciary committee, a group that has tanked previous measures backed by organizations like Florida Carry and the National Rifle Association.

Only one bill letting licensed holders to check their guns at the courthouse door got through the committee, and that, only after Flores secured a promise from Republican Sen. Greg Steube that other gun measures won’t be attached to the bill later in the process.

Steube is championing most of the gun bills before lawmakers this year.