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Video Released Showing Markeith Loyd's Arrest

Markeith Loyd/Photo: Orlando Police Department
Markeith Loyd/Photo: Orlando Police Department

The Orlando Police Department released video Thursday showing the arrest of Markeith Loyd.

In the infrared video from a helicopter, Loyd can be seen crawling out of an abandoned house to the street.Officers can be seen approaching Loyd, and it appears to show Loyd being kicked several times while on the ground with his hands in front of him. The video then pans away.

At a press conference about that video, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said police officers used restraint, and that Loyd's history will be considered in the use of force investigation.

“I’ll tell you when I saw that, the camera pan away, it was concerning to me," Mina said. "But remember the spotter in that helicopter, who is an OPD officer, they also have the responsibility of maintaining control of what’s inside the house.”

The video can be viewed here.

All the officers involved are still working. Mina said a use of force investigation is routine.

“Let’s not rush to judgment, let’s let the use of force investigation play out, and remember that we’re dealing with an extremely dangerous, violent and unpredictable person," Mina said.

Markeith Loyd made his first court appearance earlier in the day. Loyd declined to have a public defender appointed, instead opting to represent himself.

The judge denied bond and forbid him to have contact with any of the victims or witnesses from the December shooting, where police said Loyd shot and killed his pregnant former girlfriend Sade Dixon.

Loyd says the portrayals in the media that he quote “just shot [Dixon]” put his family in danger. Loyd used explicit language in his appearance.

“Y’all portrayed this (expletive deleted) to the news people like I just went there and shot this girl when there was other guns found on the scene and all kinda – a gun was pulled on me," Loyd said. "Y’all actin' like I just went there and shot her.”

Loyd was still wearing an eye patch at the court appearance, after spending time at the hospital yesterday. Loyd said he didn’t resist police when he was being put in custody.

“Then they had me in the hospital, Channel 9 news sitting out there waiting to see what they did for me," Loyd said. "They done took my eye, they done broke my nose, broke my jaw, they did all this (expletive), said I resisted, but I crawled out to the (expletive deleted), so how did I resist?”

Loyd was charged Thursday in connection with the shooting death of Lieutenant Debra Clayton.

At the press conference, Mina said Loyd first tried to run, but then turned and opened fire on officer Clayton. Mina said Loyd could have escaped at that point, but instead he stood over Clayton and shot her multiple times.

"She was lying on the ground defenseless from one of those first rounds," Mina said. "She had not been killed at that point. Markeith Loyd stood over her defenseless body and fired multiple shots at her, killing her. It has been confirmed by the medical examiner's office that the fatal shot came while Markeith Loyd stood over her body and shot her."