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Intersection: Sorting Out The Solar Amendments

Solar panels. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE
Solar panels. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE

Floridians will vote on two solar amendments this year.  One of them on the ballot next week. But what’s in the fine print, and what impact could these initiatives have on how solar power is generated in the sunshine state?

Orlando Sentinel columnist Beth Kassab explains the difference between the solar amendments. Amendment four, which extends a tax break on rooftop solar panels to businesses, goes to the voters next week. 

Amendment one goes to the vote in November.

"Amendment one is very much being backed by the utilities." said Kassab.

The amendment "essentially enshrines in the state constitution current state policy here, which is that homeowners and businesses do have a right to buy or lease solar panels," she said.

Kassab said some voters are still confused about the two amendments.

"They just don't know which one is which or what each one does," said Kassab, who adds the legislature put the two amendments on different ballots to make things less confusing for voters.