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Clinton’s Lead In Florida Vanishes In Latest Quinnipiac Poll


Hillary Clinton has lost her lead in Florida, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. Clinton and Donald Trump are now too close to call in polls from the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Clinton lost the eight-point lead she had in the June 21st poll, with Trump now ahead 42 – 39 percent. Trump’s lead grows when pollsters factored in the Libertarian and Green party candidates.

Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown said it isn’t clear if Clinton’s email scandal is to blame for her sliding poll numbers.

“We asked for instance, who is the most moral of the two. And it used to be Mrs. Clinton won that by a small margin, now Mr. Trump wins that by a small margin,” said Brown. “We asked voters who they think is more honest and trustworthy. It used to be Mr. Trump had a small lead, now he has double digit lead on that question.”

Demographic Breakdown
In the demographic breakdown, Brown said poll numbers show Clinton has a 12-point lead over Trump with women, while Trump has a 21-point lead with men.

When it comes to non-white voters in Florida, Trump is lagging. “Only 21 percent of non-white voters in Florida say they’ll vote for Mr. Trump,” said Brown. “Obviously if he is only going to get 1 in 5 non-white votes, it’s going to be very difficult for him to carry Florida.”

Where Voters Agree
71-percent of voters responded that “the old ways don’t work and it’s time for radical change.” A majority, 55 percent, said foreign trade agreements have hurt them personally. And 80 percent responded that public officials “don’t care much what people like me think.”

The poll was conducted from June 30 – July 11th, of 1,015 Florida voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.