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Controversial Florida Alimony Bill Gathers Supporters And Opponents

Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee. Source: WikiMedia Commons
Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee. Source: WikiMedia Commons

Supporters of a controversial bill dealing with alimony and sharing children's time after a divorce are hoping Governor Rick Scott doesn't veto the measure.

The bill gives judges a formula to use when deciding alimony payments.

It also includes a child time-sharing component, which affects the amount of child-support payments.

The bill requires judges to "begin with the premise that a minor child should spend approximately equal amounts of time with each parent."

That provision caused state Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, a Tallahassee Democrat, to vote against the bill.

“I’d be one that would urge the governor to veto this bill,” Rehwinkel Vasilinda said. “Let the alimony portion go through next year, because I am sure that will be attempted again next year. Let’s move very, very slowly when you are talking about children and parental custody.”

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar supports the alimony portion of the bill, but not the child-sharing component.

The bill passed in the last week of session and hasn't yet been sent to the governor, who vetoed an earlier version of the proposal three years ago.