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Spotlight: 'Dr. Who' Podcaster Pumped For Orlando's CONjure

The dealers' room from a previous CONjure convention.
The dealers' room from a previous CONjure convention.

There’s a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Orlando this weekend called “CONjure,” and it’s drawing celebrities, artists, costumed fans, and other aficionados of “nerd culture” from central Florida and around the globe.

Christian Basel is one of the locals…but he has national “nerd” credentials. He’s on the award-winning podcast “Mark Who 42,” which covers the long-running popular British sci-fi show “Doctor Who.”

"We're going to be performing a couple of panels out there for the Whovians and we have a special game show called 'The Mark Who 42 Match Game;' it's a really fun game. We've had this at previous conventions and it has been one of our big attractors that people just love to watch," said Basel.

90.7’s Nicole Creston spoke with Basel about his podcast and the upcoming convention. Listen to the interview in the audio player above!