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Jeb Bush Says He'll Be In To Win- If He Runs

Jeb Bush talked to the media after speaking at an economic summit in Orlando last month. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE
Jeb Bush talks to the media at Governor Rick Scott's Economic Growth Summit. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE

Jeb Bush says if he gets in the race for president- it will be with the aim of winning, not just to make a point.

The former governor of Florida was one of seven potential candidates for the Republican nomination speaking at a day-long economic summit.

Jeb Bush was the last to speak at Governor Scott’s Economic Growth Summit at Walt Disney World- but he got the biggest round of applause.

He talked about his accomplishments as governor, saying he was proud of his record on education reform.

Bush also said the country needs to tackle immigration reform.

“We need immigration reform, for crying out loud," said Bush.

"A broken immigration system puts drains on our economy. But if we fixed it and made it an economic driver so that we would be younger and more dynamic, we could grow at a far faster rate.”

Like others invited to the summit, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Bush also took aim at the current president.

”We had a president that really didn’t have a lot of experience, he promised us a lot of stuff, he didn’t fulfill his promises," said Bush.

"Maybe we ought to go with something that’s a little more proven. So part of it will be to tell the Florida story.”

Bush said he’s  "nearing the end of the journey of making the decision," about whether to get in the race.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio- a one time protégé of Bush- opted not to speak at the summit, instead delivering a short video message.

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