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Healthcare advocates say cost is not the only factor in choosing insurance

Photo by Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons

Health care coverage enrollment for Florida started in early November and the state operated marketplace reports positive progress.

Health care advocates and state officials spoke in a teleconference Wednesday.

The new enrollment period allows first time buyers to receive tax credits towards health coverage.

It also allows previous policy holders to shop for new coverage in the marketplace.

Jodi Ray is Project Director for Florida Covering Kids and Families.

She wants to help consumers make coverage choices based on benefits rather than cost.

“We are seeing people who are making other choices based on premium cost, but I feel like we’re seeing greater inquiries in terms of getting information centered around the health related factor first.”

Ray also wants consumers to be aware of the higher penalties for not enrolling in coverage this time around.

“You know we want to make sure that people realize that  $325 per adult and $160 something per a child or 2% of your income which for a family can be very significant.”

She says going through the marketplace for coverage is the only way to get financial assistance.

The official enrollment period ends December 15 to receive coverage for January and the last day to enroll will be February 15.