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Homework: Join Our National Caroling Party

We want you to help us create the coolest Christmas caroling party ever. We need you to record your own performance of the song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" and send it to us. Then we'll merge them together into one gigantic, nationwide caroling party!

Every instrument and every voice is welcome: kazoos from Kalamazoo, castanets from Corpus Christi, pump organ from Palo Alto, barbershop quartets from — wherever they do barbershop quartets. The more diverse, the better.

As for the recording of your masterwork, be creative! Use the microphone on your PC or on your video camera — any way to get the sound into your computer.

Now, we've got to get the tempo and the key right, so we've got a very simple version of the song for you to listen to on this page. At this tempo, a quarter note equals 120 (two beats per second), and the key is C major. Use only this tempo and key signature for your own version.

Then e-mail your recording to nprhomework@gmail.com. On Sunday, Dec. 21, we'll play as many versions as we can on All Things Considered.

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