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Business to Business

A large majority of our audience are business leaders and executives who are influential in the purchasing decisions of their companies. They excert their authority in companies of all sizes and have higher than average involvement in purchasing all categories of business-to-business products.

Arts and Culture

Our audience is consists of avid supporters of the arts in all forms. Culturally diverse, their high disposable incomes are used to both participate in and give support to the artistic activities that enrich their lives.


Our audience is bucking the belief that environmentalism is a youth movement. Consumers over 55 years old are the most prolific users of green products in the United States.


WMFE is committed to providing the highest quality programming and learning environment for children to stimulate their curiosity, encourage interaction and foster their imagination.


Our audience is at the top of the class when it comes to disposable income. Highly educated community and business leaders, they manage their funds carefully, while using them to support a lifestyle that provides both personal enjoyment and community service.

Higher Education

Our audience is set apart by its high degree of educational and professional attainment.


Our audience has both the insurance coverage and the disposable income to assure they receive the very best in medical care. In addition to raising families, many of them are also supervising the medical care for aging parents.

Elder Care Services

Half of our audience performs the most elaborate juggling acts today: holding down jobs while caring for aging parents, running their own households and still caring for their own children and grandchildren. The other half? They need caring for.


They’re not spendthrifts, but they do enjoy the good life because they’ve earned it! Our highly educated audience has the disposable income that affords them a comfortable lifestyle. Whether parents, empty nesters or grandparents, they enjoy providing a good life for those around them.


A large majority of our audience are business leaders and executives who have many reasons to utilize legal services, both professionally and personally.

For more information on Corporate Underwriting opportunities, contact Chris Barch at or 407-273-2300 ext 154

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