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About Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas grew up in St. Petersburg and graduated from the University of Florida. From 1980 to 1983, he worked at Florida Today, starting as an environmental reporter and later moving into investigative projects. He began working at the Orlando Sentinel in March 1983 in the Kissimmee bureau, covering crime and city government. Thomas became the Sentinel's environmental reporter in 1984. Since then he has covered the Shuttle Columbia disaster, worked in the editorial board, was a state general assignment reporter and wrote the Restless Native column for the Sentinel's Florida Magazine. He began writing his current local news column in 1999.

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Past Program Episodes

Mike Thomas | Wekiva Parkway

For years regional leaders have been trying to build a proposed road called the Wekiva Parkway. The most recent proposal for the Parkway would run roughly east to west near State Road 46 in parts of Seminole, Lake, and Orange Counties. But finding solid financing for the Wekiva Parkway is proving difficult . This week 90.7s Mark Simpson asked Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas why.

Mike Thomas | Presidency 5 Predictions

Republican candidates are rolling into Central Florida for three days of events including a FOX News Presidential debate Thursday, a Florida US Senate forum, and a Presidential straw poll. This week 90.7 commentator Mike Thomas gives his take about the candidates, Governor Rick Scott, and the Jeb Bush factor.

Mike Thomas | NASA's Big Rocket to Nowhere

NASA announced plans for a massive new $30 billion dollar rocket yesterday bigger than the Saturn 5 that carried astronauts to the moon. Proponents are pitching the so called Space Launch System as a lifeline for US manned space efforts. But our commentator Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel told 90.7s Mark Simpson the rocket is a tool without a mission.

Mike Thomas | Remembering 9/11

This week 90.7 is marking the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. We asked our contributor Mike Thomas of Orlando Sentinel to share his memories of that time. They include how the newspaper approached covering the terrorist attacks, what it was like at the area's theme parks, and how September 11th changed local government fiscal policies. He spoke with 90.7s Mark Simpson.

Mike Thomas | What Should NASA's Priority Be?

NASA is scheduled next week to launch a multi-probe mission from Cape Canaveral to the moon that will measure lunar gravity. But even as that mission prepares, the space agency's budget and program objectives in the post space shuttle era have come under scrutiny lately in Congress. NASA still wants to send humans on missions beyond low earth orbit but the ability to maintain current projects like the International Space Station have come into question. Last month a Russian supply rocket was lost during flight. This week 90.7s Mark Simpson asked Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Thomas about why he thinks building a successor to the Hubble Space telescope, the much larger James Webb Space telescope, is better bet than the other options.

Mike Thomas | Chatting with Governor Rick Scott

The head of Florida's prison system resigned yesterday. Department of Corrections Chief Edwin Buss's departure is the latest in a months long shake-up of top officials in state Government including members of Governor Rick Scott's Staff. What does it mean for Governor Scott and the state of Florida? Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Thomas is here to talk about that and what came out of a conversation with the Governor and the editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel.

Mike Thomas | Democrat Charlie Crist?

Political watchers in Florida are buzzing about former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist has kept a relatively low profile in recent months as an attorney at the Law Firm Morgan and Morgan. But some observers, including Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Thomas, say the former governor is in the early stages of a political comeback. Thomas tells 90.7s Mark Simpson, he thinks the former Republican might shed his Independent party status and run for his old job as a Democrat.

Mike Thomas | Charter Schools Are Booming

Charter Schools are a hot topic in education circles. The schools receive some taxpayer funding but are allowed to deviate from traditional public school curriculum and teaching styles. The trade off though is charter schools are expected to bring strong gains in learning for students who attend them. Orlando Sentinel Columnist and new 90.7 contributor Mike Thomas has been following charter schools in Florida and is interested in why they're popularity seems to be booming in Central Florida.

Mike Thomas | John Mica and the FAA Shutdown

While the U.S. House and Senate were debating a debt ceiling deal this week, Winter Park Republican Congressman Mica was fighting a different battle ... over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Mike Thomas | The Sinkholes Are Coming!

A new voice joins the lineup on 90.7 today. Voracious news readers know Orlando Sentinel Columnist Mike Thomas doesn't hold back when he examines political and social issues in Central Florida. Mike will be sitting down with 90.7s Mark Simpson at 5:45pm every Thursday to share his insights into current issues.

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