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Cornerstone Members

visionary.png Members ($5,000-$9,999)

David and Debbie Auerbach
Jean L. Edes
Susan and Edward Ellis
Maen and Michelle Hussein
S. Michael and Lori Scheeringa
W. Kelly Smith

benefactor.png Members ($1,000-$4,999)

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Inc.
A. Friends' Foundation Trust
Air-Sur, Inc.
Judy and David Albertson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson
Susan and J. Gordon Arkin
Hazel Banks
Drs. Sandra and Gary Barker
Harry and Leslie Barley
Dr. Gopal Basisht
Helen and Thomas R. Bates
Susan Bayley and Carl Dean
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Bechard
Dr. Lucille B. Belnick and Dr. Jeffrey M. Cohen
Lorraine and Fred Beraud
Rich Bergmann and Martha Bozeman
Sally Jo Beverly
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Biddle
Sally Blackmun and Michael Elsberry
Ann and Derek Blakeslee
Robert J. Block
Ms. Sallie Bowan
Deena Breed and Howard Larlee
Laurence H. Brenner, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brockman
Douglas and Sue Brown
Tere Brun
Derek and Lora Bryan
Thomas A. Bryer
Dr. Ryan Burri and Ms. Fumiko Coppard
James and Linda Busse
Robert Buttery
Kate and Bob Byrne
Simon and Alvin Byrnes
Angela and Russell Campbell
Kim and Tom Cannold
Dr. and Mrs. John Cappleman
Emma Chong
Melora Church
Michael Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clifford
Drs. Michael Cohen and Barbara Hansen
Marya Collier
Cindi Collins
Brenda and Alan Cook
Markita D. Cooper and Robert Blackwood
Mike and Linda Costa
Laura A. Cushler
Kathryn Cutter
Davin L. Dasbach
Dean Mead
Professor Philip F. Deaver and Susan Lilley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DeBrule
Robert and Shirley Decker
Harry and Mary Deffebach
Susan desJardins and Chris Henderson
Barbara and Gary DeVane
Leslie and Dennis Donahue
Dr. Kathleen B. Doughney
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Dowdy
Kathy and Rex Elbert
Philip H. Elliott, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Seth Elsheimer
Regina Falconer
Dr. and Mrs. Jay L. Falk
Kathryn Farynowski and Alan Kolba
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Fishkind
Helen  Von Dolteren Fournier
David and Donna Francisco
The Franklin Family
Julia L. Frey and Dr. David Carter
Michael Fried
Fry/Hammond/Barr, Inc.
Carol M. Gaines
Dr. Geraldine Gallagher, CFRE
Paul Gallagher
Lynn and Jeff Ganssle
Angela Garcia
Mark Gilley
Mr. and Mrs. Todd F. Glass
Gerard Glynn and Angela Halladay
Fay Gordin
Nicole and Michael Gordon
Alan and Barbara Greber
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Green
Dee Gretezler
Randy Griswold
Samir Gupte
Robin Leedom Hafen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamilton
Hayworth Creative Public Relations
Sheila and John Hazelroth
Simon Hemus
Larry Henrichs
Elizabeth Hill
James and Elizabeth Hobart
Carol Ann Hoepner
Julie and Lars Houmann
Susan W. Howard, MD
James D. Hunt
Kathryn Hutson
Jeffrey Ignatius
Basil Itani
Dr. Rick Jochim
Bill Johnson
George Kalogridis
Anne E. Kelley
David and Jean Kelley
Jack and Charline Kennedy
Wendy Kensler
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Keogh
John Marshall Kest and Sally D. M. Kest
Leslie Kinnaird
Nancy and Bud Kirk
Liz and Jim Kitchens
Virginia Knapp
Mark Knowles
Suzanne Kosmas
Michael and Darcy Krajewski
Anne and Rolf Kuhns
Susan Cohn Lackman, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Harriett Lake
Jacquelyn Lamberty
David and Mary Lane
Gayle and Greg Lashley
James Liakus
Jan Lichtenwalter & the Jay Bee Jewelers Family
   of Titusville
Betty and Darrell Lowery
Winifred and Thomas Luche
Colleen MacInnis, MD
Donna MacKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Madsen, III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Maldonado
Gregory S. Martin & Associates, PA
Kelly M. McCarthy
Elizabeth McCarty
Brendan McMillin and Sandra Walder
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Michael
Dr. Stuart Michelson
Brian and Jennifer Mills
The Rev. Ms. Clarice Mitchell and 
  Mr. Thomas Mitchell
Kathy Moghadas
Ann and Kenneth Murrah
Mark Myers
Robin Neel and Tim Prince
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Nettles
Chris Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. LaFontaine Oliver
Orlando Magic
Sarah Pane
Kimberly Partridge
Bruce and Marianne Pauley
Pineloch Management Corporation and
   the Caruso Family
Ina and Eli Porth
Alexis and James Pugh
Teresa and Thomas Quinn
Lynnet and Richard Reiner
Susan and Garrett Riggs
Justin and Courtney Rineer
Lyn Rivers
Bob and Leila Roach
The Honorable Jose R. Rodriguez and
    Ana Tangel-Rodriguez, Esq.
Ruth Carp Rosow
Rotary Club of Orlando
Brandon Runyan
Nancy Sapp and Steve Neilson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Sand
Kathryn Saugstad
Susan and Richard Schilke
Joyce Schoening
Jim and Pat Schroeder
Bill Segal and Sara Segal
John Selbach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Showalter
Margaret Shyne-Bensen
Marty Sibley and David Smith
Jean Siegfried
Thomas Simon and Naomi Beth Ware
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Simon
Sharon Siskie and Ben Schilling
Kathleen and Chris Skambis
Charlie and Becca Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith
Drs. David Smuckler and Maxine Tabas
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Snow
Michael and Nicole Spears
Alice Faye H. Sproul
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Sprung
Kimberly Ann Sterling and Brian L. Stehli
Chaz Stone and Kelly Deutsch
Mary Beth and Richard Strayer
Bruce and Donna Templin
Dr. Murad K. Thakur
Ambassador Harriet-Elam Thomas and 
  Wilfred Thomas 
Jared and Brooke Thomas
Judith Thompson
Valerie and Brian Tonner
Cheryl Tschanz and William Newkirk
Richard Tucker
Stan and Kim Van Gundy
The Vaughn Group
Donna Vega
Gregory Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Wainman
Sandra Walder and Brendan McMillin
Susan and Joe Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wasser
Malka and Neil Webman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Wells
The Bryce L. West Foundation, Inc.
Robert B. White, Jr.
Queita Willison
Patricia and Grey Wilson
Gayle P. Wirtz
Sarah Wood and Ken Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Council Wooten, Jr.
Joy M. Yoder-Filley

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