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'My Voice' Commentaries

My Voice | Mary Tehuti Democracy and Justice

Mary Tehuti shares her thoughts on the state of democracy and the need to replace Democracy with Justice.

My Voice | B. Virginia Comella Referees and Officials

B. Virginia Comella shares her thoughts on the value of government officials in light of the NFL referee strike last month.

My Voice | Allison Berkowitz Informed Voting

UCF graduate student Allison Berkowitz shares her thoughts on being an informed voter.

My Voice | Mara Shorr Profession Growth

Entrepreneur and business owner Mara Shorr shares her experience on connecting community with professional success.

My Voice | Elizabeth Randall Evaluation Reform for Teachers

Educator Elizabeth Randall shares her thoughts on the method used by the State of Florida to evaluate teachers.

My Voice | B.Virginia Comella Federal Employees

B.Virginia Comella shares her thoughts on public employees and the vital services they provide that keep our country and our communities running.

My Voice | Susie Weiss Business Courtesy

Susie Weiss shares her thoughts about professional courtesy.

My Voice | Dr. Antonia Novello | Domestic Violence

Dr. Antonia Novello's commentary on domestic violence and the importance of reporting the abuse.

My Voice | Claudine Tomlinson-Burney | Caribbean culture in the media

Claudine Tomlinson-Burney's commentary on the lack of representation of the Caribbean community in the media.

My Voice | Shannon Hudnell | The Greatest Generation

Shannon Hudnell's commentary on her Grandparents generation.

My Voice | Shirley Decker | Volunteerism

Shirley Decker's commentary on getting involved in a local community organization.

My Voice | Sara Brady | Orange County Library

Sara Brady's commentary on the Orange County library system.

My Voice | Thomas Chatmon Jr. | Love of community

Thomas Chatmon Jr.'s commentary on the connection of people and place.

My Voice | Mark Brewer | Social Capital

Mark Brewer's commentary on investing in community organizations.

My Voice | Pete Barr | Generosity

Pete Barr's commentary on giving freely without expecting anything in return.

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