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90.7 HD2 Classical Music

WMFE 90.7 HD2 Classical

All Classical, All the Time

PLEASE NOTE: In order to pick-up HD Radio you need an HD enabled radio. You can not listen to HD on an analog radio. If you do not have an HD Radio, consider tuning in to WMFE (90.7-2) using your computer.

Listen to classical music from Bach, Beethoven and Mendelssohn to Chopin, Mozart and Strauss 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

WMFE has added a second HD station, 90.7 HD2 WMFE-FM, your source for classical music. This station airs programming from Classical Music 24 (C24), symphonies, operas and the sounds of cornerstone classical music composers and favorites that soothe the soul.

Tune your HD radio to 90.7-2 and immerse yourself in the classics. Don’t have an HD radio? Listen to the live stream online at

Classical 24

Symphony and Opera Schedule

> Monthly Symphony and Opera Schedules
View the schedule for episodes that will be airing on WMFE 90.7 HD2

HD Radio FAQ

What is HD radio? It’s more choice, crystal clear sound and new data services all for free.

HD radio allows WMFE to broadcast digitally and more than one signal. It supports CD-quality sound with no audio distortion. Since it is digital, textual data such as song titles and artist names can be sent out as well. And, because the digital signal piggybacks onto a conventional broadcast signal, it is free to the listener.

How can you listen to HD Radio? All you have to do is get a new HD Radio receiver for your home or car. They are available in tabletop systems, shelf units, and in car and marine stereo units.

HD Radio Resource Links

Information on HD Radio tuners as well as on home and car radios:

How to strengthen FM reception:

Antenna Craft FM-6 Directional FM Antenna

Winegard HD-6000 Directional FM Antenna

Sony XDR-F1HD recommended for use with an existing stereo system or Bose Wave radio:

A CNET review of the Sony tuner:


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