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Series_Logo__low_rez__long_-C1Radio_medium.jpg Climate One Radio's National Magazine is a thriving leadership dialogue on energy, the environment and the economy. Episodes are comprised of three segments centering on a single theme. In each segment Greg Dalton hosts a conversation with leaders from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.

June 1 - Carbon Curves
Today we are talking about the twists and turns of the climate debate. While scientists have growing certainty that burning fossil fuels is driving severe weather, acceptance by the American public of that science waxes and wanes. Debate over the most basic facts often takes us in circles. How can we move forward? The U.S. Navy is looking for solutions, as Navy secretary Ray Mabus leads the charge to a low carbon future.

June 8 - Blue Economy
The ocean is absorbing about a quarter of the greenhouse gases we emit from burning fossil fuels. One visible impact is the erosion of coastal property. Carbon pollution is also reducing snow pack and contributing to erratic fresh water supplies. Our guests today include entrepreneurs, investors and research scientists who are explaining and preparing for a new water reality..

June 15 - Global Cleanup
Today we are talking about our green future green energy and greenbacks. The news for business is good: When companies use less energy, they save money and create more jobs. Our guests include an eminent economist and a U.S. climate negotiator, both looking for ways to protect the planet while keeping the world economy on track. We will also look at how Walmart is going green to boost to boost their bottom line

The Really Big Questions brings together scientists, philosophers and regular folks for a scintillating exploration of human nature guided by five enduring questions.

June 22 - What is this thing Called Love?
This program ponders the “why” behind humans’ drive to pair up. Why do human beings feel romantic love? What happens to the brains of people who are in love? How can scientifically studying love help us navigate our relationships? A fascinating cast of characters tackles these questions head-on.

June 29 - Why do we Share?
What drives us to be greedy one day and giving the next? This program explores the mysteries of cooperation, collaboration and altruism. When do we choose to give? When do we choose to look out for number one?

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