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Talking Politics

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Wednesday's at 1:59 p.m. and Friday's at 9:59 a.m.

About Talking Politics

Talking Politics is a weekly commentary segment where we hear opinions and thoughts on Local State and National Politics, public policy and more. Some of our contributors include

  • • Bill Segal - Former Orange County Comissioner
  • • Sarah Rumpf - Political consultant, blogger and Attorney
  • • Deirdre Macnab - President of Florida's League of Women Voters
  • • Fred Leonhardt - Voted one of the Top 25 Power Players in Orlando

Latest Programs

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Talking Politics | Deirdre Macnab Florida's beauty

Florida has natural beauty and this should be our tourism draw.

Talking Politics | Bill Segal Government Regulation of Technology

Drones are coming! They are used in warfare, now law enforcement are introducing them for crime prevention.

Talking Politics | Fred Leonhardt Textgate

With the recent controversy over texting by public officials during a hearing with lobbyists we ask Who is a lobbyist? We all are.

Talking Politics | Deirdre Macnab Florida's election crisis

During the last election we received the wrong kind of free advertising. Late night TV and comedians due to our ongoing election problems.

Talking Politics | Bill Segal Beach Restoration Handouts

Beach erosion is a problem throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Rebuilding costs all of us to benefit the few.

Talking Politics | Fred Leonhardt Campaign finance

The President makes $400,000 a year yet the campaign spent more than $1 billion in 2012. A Florida Legislator makes $29,000 yet they spent in many races more than $1 million.

Talking Politics | Deirdre Macnab Get serious about Climate change

2012 was the hottest year on record. Rising Oceans, melting Glaciers. Florida is in trouble.

Talking Politics | Bill Segal What to look for in 2013

The Governor's Race will start to heat up with many big names being thrown about. County Races are interesting.

Talking Politics | Fred Leonhardt Bowl Season is here

This season we will be hosting 7 bowl games, we need to encourage more sports tourism to the area.

Talking Politics | Deirdre Macnab We need Santa for our Elections

Voters in Florida waited up to 8 hours to cast a vote. We waited 4 days for a result in the Presidential count. We can do better.

Talking Politics | Bill Segal Gun Control Conversation

In the wake of the Newtown Connecticut tragedy the conversation on gun law reform is taking place.

Talking Politics | Fred Leonhardt legislators becoming lobbyists

The constitution of Florida was designed for a Working man's legislature, so why are lawmakers not returning to their previous lives.

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