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StoryCorps: Central Florida Stories

Central Florida Storycorps: Katie Ball

Katie Ball, independent producer of Central Florida Storycorps, talks to 90.7's Judith Smelser about some of her most memorable stories from the series, and about what the Storycorps project has meant to her.

Central Florida StoryCorps:Walker

The loss of a loved one dramatically changes a family, particularly when it's the loss of a child. 18 years have passed since the death of Karen Denise Walker but her older brother Robert and their mother Carol Walker still find important lessons to learn from her.

Central Florida StoryCorps: Saoji

Longwood, Florida resident Mohan Saoji's move from India to America wasn't without its struggles, but as he tells his son Amit, he's blessed to live a life that is connected to many different cultures.

Central Florida StoryCorps: Stadom

In the Orlando StoryCorps booth LaShun Stadom talks about her childhood and the two women who shaped her life most; the grandmother who raised her to become strong and independent, and her biological mother who was killed when LaShun was only two years old.

Central Florida StoryCorps: Osband

Space enthusiast Ozzie Osband is a Titusville resident whose head is in the clouds and higher. Whether he's sending messages into space or volunteering as a ham radio operator during natural disasters right here on Earth, Ozzie proves that his life is never boring.

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