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Thursdays at 9.59 a.m. and Saturdays at 9.59 a.m.

About Orlando Weekly

Erin Sullivan Billy Manes
Erin Sullivan Billy Manes

Orlando Weekly editor Erin Sullivan and staff writer Billy Manes will bring the paper alive on WMFE with their unique take on the news in this weekly segment. Orlando Weekly, published every Thursday, is Central Florida's alternative source for news, views, arts and entertainment available at 1,300 locations across Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.

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Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes Gay Marriage

Billy Manes talks about the ruling last week by Circuit Judge Luis Garcia in Monroe County and the fallout of the subsequent motions and appeals.

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan Disney Liability Waiver

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about a Virginia man that was injured by an advertising balloon seven years ago at Walt Disney World's Wide World of Sports.

Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes White House CEA Report

Billy Manes talks about the report that was released by the White House Council of Economic Advisers titled "Missed Opportunities: The Consequences of State Decisions Not to Expand Medicaid".

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan Bithlo & United Global Outreach

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about some of the problems being faced by residents of Bithlo.

Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes Pam Bondi Gay Marriage Ban

Billy Manes talks about Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her office's announcement that it will defend the state's gay marriage ban.

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan Medical Marijuana

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about the continuing fight for expanded medical marijuana laws in Florida.

Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes New Schools- Potential Separation

Billy Manes talks about the intentions to erect two new K-8 schools in Baldwin Park and Parramore.

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan Expressway Authority

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about the critical report released by State Attorney Jeff Ashton on the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority.

Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes Val Demings

Billy Manes talks about last week's revelation that Val Demings was dropping out of the race for Orange County Mayor.

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan Street Art

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about the recent growth in Orlando street art.

Orlando Weekly | Billy Manes Gov. Rick Scott's "Victory Tour"

This week Billy Manes talks about Governor Rick Scott's "Victory Tour" campaign, celebrating his achievements at the end of the legislative session.

Orlando Weekly | Erin Sullivan E-Cigarettes

Orlando Weekly's Erin Sullivan talks about the recent announcement that the FDA would try to impose controls over the sale of e-cigarettes.

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