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Copy Guidelines

Your sponsorship message will be carefully crafted to suit your marketing and public relations needs while complying with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulations applicable to non-commercial stations. The message may include the following elements:

  • Underwriter’s business or organization name, or that of the subsidiary, legal DBA, operating division or parent company
  • Location of business
  • Duration of business
  • Business phone number
  • A value-neutral description of the business of organization
  • Trade names, products or services that identify the underwriter (No more than three)
  • Third party names, corporations or sponsors cannot be included
  • An established corporate slogan that complies with all FCC* regulations applicable to non-commercial stations

The FCC precludes qualitative, comparative or promotional language. Calls to action, pricing information and inducements to buy or sell are not permitted. WMFE does not use pre-produced messages or music beds.

All messages are done by WMFE staff announcers. Final approval of copy lies with WMFE.

* Section 399B of the Federal Communications Act of 1934, and sections 73.504(d) and 73.503(e), FCC 2D 255 (1994)

For more information on Corporate Underwriting opportunities, contact Chris Barch at or 407-273-2300 ext 154

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