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Sen. Nelson Calls for Child Protections from E-Cigarettes

July 11, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - Sen. Bill Nelson says the e-cigarette and tobacco industries are targeting children by selling concentrated liquid nicotine with names like Skittles and Gummi Bear. The Central Florida Democrat is introducing legislation pushing for child proofing of bottles of liquid nicotine.

[Photo: Sen. Nelson says liquid nicotine is unregulated. Dr. Shiva Kalidindi looks on. By Amy Green]

The legislation calls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue rules for making liquid nicotine bottles child-resistant.

But Nelson says his real target is the advertising that makes liquid nicotine, which is highly toxic, sound like candy. He says getting that through will be tougher.

"We will have a major fight with the e-cigarette industry that is rapidly increasing when it comes to trying to ban the advertising."

Doctors say even small amounts of liquid nicotine are dangerous when ingested or absorbed through the skin. They say exposure can be lethal for young children.

Reports of accidental poisonings are surging, especially among children. 


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