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New Lions Star Eyes Rivalry with Beckham and Miami

July 3, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando -- Brazilian soccer star Kaká says he's ready to take the field with Orlando City Soccer's new MLS team and for a rivalry with David Beckham's would-be Miami club.

[Photo from Orlando City Soccer]

Anyone who doubts Kaká is a star of international caliber should have heard MLS Spokesperson Gabe Cabor start Wednesday’s teleconference with him.  “Please note that, in order to get in as many questions as possible, the questions will be answered in the language asked,” he said.  “For instance, if the question is asked in Portuguese, it will be answered in Portuguese.  If the question is asked in English, it will be answered in English and so on – without translation.”

In fact, much of the conference was … in Spanish.

Whatever the language, the heart of Kaká’s message is he thinks American soccer is growing – and that he can grow with it.  “The MLS will [have] a great, great future in soccer." he says.  "This is my vision for American futebol. It’s why I decided to come.”

Kaká says he got offers with larger paychecks, but he sees a future in Orlando.

He also says he spoke with David Beckham before signing with the Orlando City Lions.  Kaká says a rivalry with a Miami club would be phenomenal – and he predicts other soccer greats will come to the U.S. to play.

The Orlando City Lions are banking on the kind of fandom such stars and rivalries suggest.  To make the MLS team a success, Floridians will need to embrace Kaká’s version of futebol.


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