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Intersection | Colonial Drive's "Mr. Gold" & Financial Planning Challenges for Same-Sex Couples

June 24, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - After an exhausting 18-month job search, ex-felon Jose Melendez finally found a job as a sign holder on Colonial Drive.

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[Mr. Gold, Photo Credit: Brian Carlson]

Jose has become an instantly recognizable character on Colonial Drive as Mr. Gold - the hat-tipping, gold suited sign holder who waves to passing cars. A new short film by Orlando photographer Brian Carlson takes a look at Mr. Gold’s story and his plans for the future, and Brian and Jose join 90.7’s Matthew Peddie to talk about the film. 

Also, Nineteen U.S. states recognize same sex marriage -- but Florida isn’t one of them. Because of the lack of recognition by the state, same-sex couples face a slew of challenges when planning for their future.

Pierre Vogelbacher, Vice President and Senior Wealth Planner at PNC, joins Matthew Peddie to talk about these challenges and how same-sex couples can plan for their financial future in Florida.


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