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Immigration Reform Advocates Call for Vote Now

June 4, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando - Immigration reform advocates are calling on Central Florida Congressman Dan Webster to push for a vote on the issue. Protesters rallied outside his office at Winter Garden City Hall Wednesday, calling for a vote now before Congress' summer recess and midterm elections.

[Photo: Advocates want a bill that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. By Amy Green]

Nearly two dozen demonstrators were at the protest. They spoke out in English and Spanish and carried posters with slogans like, "No Human Being is Illegal."

One of the speakers was Betsy Franceschini, the director of Puerto Rico’s federal affairs office. She says the Puerto Rican government supports immigration reform in the US.

"We have a block in Congress, and we want to make sure that they understand that they don't forget the importance of making this happen this year."

Sister Ann Kendrick of HOPE Community Center says U.S. immigration policy divides families. 

"We're trying all of it. We're working on all of it. Because something has got to break through the wall and bring a conclusion we can live with." 

The Senate passed immigration reform last year, but the House has taken no action.

The protesters urged Webster to pressure House Speaker John Boehner for a vote.

Webster didn't attend the event. His office says he has no comment. 


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